About Us

Over thirty years ago we changed our practice philosophy from that of a traditional dental office. In a traditional office you come with a disease and they treat you. You are a passive part of the process.

We have a total commitment to excellence with a forward emphasis on comprehensive health. We work in close partnership with you to help you make the right choices for you to achieve sustainable health. It is essential to us that you trust your choices and that your choices are not adversely influenced by insurance and restrictions or by whatever is popular in the press at the moment.

By determining the goal you have for long-term health, our staff and I will guide you towards decisions that will lead to a horizon of health. We are all about establishing a foundation of health for you as a centerpiece of long term health. By doing this, you can discover what real lasting health looks and feels like.

Have you been free of the need for more dentistry over the past five years? If so, great! If, however, you have found that you are subject to a continual cycle of new dentistry or replacement dentistry, then the key elements that permit the establishment of stable dental health have not been identified.

Bring your current health state to our office so, together, we may define how to best guide you to a lifetime of health that you can rely on.