Common Problems

How Dentistry Affects Your Health

All dental materials are made up of many basic elements such as gold, copper, mercury, tin, and silver.  Once the materials are placed into your mouth, they will begin to leach out. They come out as a result of abrasion, chemical activity, temperature changes, and galvanic electricity.  These elements can cause bacterial flora in the digestive tract to mutate, can suppress the immune system, can alter the nervous system, and can even disrupt individual cell function.  The result over time can produce a less than optimum functioning body.

Mercury poisoning in large doses does produce discernible physical disease, many times fatal.  Mercury poisoning in small continuous doses produces diseases but not in a discernible pattern.  Many parts of the body are affected from gross organ systems to individual cell malfunction.

Common Problems
The following is a report issued by Bio-Probe Newsletter.  I found it very interesting, I hope you do also.

% of Total Reporting

Symptom Number Reporting No. Improved
or Cured
% of Cure or Improvement
14% Allergy22119689%
5% Anxiety868093%
5%Bad Temper816889%
6% Bloating887088%
6%Blood Pressure Problems995354%
5%Chest Pains796987%
22% Depression34731591%
22% Dizziness34330188%
45% Fatigue70560386%
15% Gastrointestinal Problems23119283%
8%Gum Problems12912194%
34% Headaches53146087%
3% Migraine Headaches453987%
12% Insomnia18714678%
10% Irregular Heartbeat15913987%
8% Irritability13211990%
17%Lack of Concentration27021680%
6%Lack of Energy918897%
17% Memory Loss26519373%
17% Metallic Taste26024795%
7% Multiple Sclerosis1138676%
8% Muscle Tremor12610483%
10% Nervousness15813183%
8% Numbness Anywhere1189782%
20%Skin Disturbances31025181%
9%Sore Throat14912886%
6% Tachycardia976870%
4% Thyroid Problems564479%
12% Ulcers & Sores in Oral Cavity18916286%
7% Urinary Tract Problems1158776%
29% Vision Problems46228963%