Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

Gum-TherapyNon-Surgical Gum Therapy : During the early part of the twentieth century, people who developed gum disease, better known as pyorrhea, would soon lose their teeth at an early age. Then treatment was developed to treat the disease with the use of surgery, however, the disease process continued. During the early eighties, the cause of gum disease was determined to be a result of a bacterial infection. It is with this new information that the non-surgical therapy concept developed.

We have embraced this concept and expanded our approach to include behavioral, nutritional, and life style changes. We are now able to arrest, in most cases, the disease process and either slow down and/or stop the infection.

This disease requires us to form a partnership whereby our task is to clean up the diseased areas and your task is to keep it clean. It is truly a partnership because success can only come when we work together against a common foe.

There is also an occlusal or bite component associated with many people with gum disease. This compound will be examined and also be treated.