The dental practice of R L Garabedian DDS combines both the best of the “old and latest technologies” to provide you with what will work in your best interest. We are very conscious of the ever increasing challenges that our environment places upon our immune systems. We are also aware that wellness is more than the absence of clinical disease but a state of optimum health. Biological Dentistry or “Holistic Dentistry” can play an integral part in that process.

We pride ourselves in the array and excellence of our services. We have developed one of the finest Non-Surgical periodontal dentistry programs in the country. Basically our job is to discover the cause and then clean up the problem. We then teach you how to maintain your mouth so as to prevent the dental disease from reoccurring again. We become a team working together for a common goal.

Amalgam removal: I firmly believe that mercury does not belong in the human body. Science has proven that, in fact, the mercury in amalgam filling does leach out. Science has also proven that the bacterial flora of the digestive system is mutated as a result of mercury. It is a deadly poison and plays no useful role in achieving optimum health. Biological dentistry can give you the options that mercury-free fillings provide.

Compatibility Testing: For those people who are sensitive to chemical exposure or who have an autoimmune disease we offer dental compatibility testing. The basic elements that make up dental materials will leach out. Not all dental materials are compatible for every person. Some will suppress the immune system more than others. The test will determine for us which materials are best suited for you.

Implants: We have been doing implants for several years. Implant have some important advantages over our own teeth. They become integrated into the bone and will not develop periodontal disease. They will not decay and their breakage rate is extremely low. They really work well for people who do not have any teeth. You will have solid teeth to eat almost anything you wish.

General Dentistry: We treat children through seniors. We provide a complete list of restorative procedures which include: cleanings, composite (white), fillings, gold and porcelain crowns and inlays, teeth whitening, extractions, and dentures (partial and full).

We have like minded specialists to refer you to when it would be in your best interest. We will usually speak to that specialist to make your appointment, convey any special needs or concerns, and follow-up to make sure all went well.