January 23, 2008

I am a 42 year old woman. Over the last several years my health has declined. My symptoms are numerous but I will list them as best I can: extreme fatigue, severe headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, constipation, frequent and heavy menstrual periods, memory loss, chronic pain in neck and back, and decreased cognitive functioning. By far the most debilitating symptom: I literally felt I was loosing my mind. I had a great deal of mental confusion, difficulty making decisions, and generally “foggy.” While I am no genius I am a well education person having earned advanced degrees and experience in academia as an instructor in mathematics at the junior college level.

My physician diagnosed me with metal poisoning. The levels of lead and mercury in my system were dangerously high. It was no surprise to find the mercury high since my mouth was full of amalgam fillings all received in my middle school years. My physician recommended Dr. Garabedian. As soon as I consulted with him I knew his team was the one to fight this battle with me. He was straight forward and very clear in the initial consultation. He outlined the procedures and required a special blood test to determine what material would be appropriate for my body. He removed 8 amalgam fillings and replaced 7 of them with fillings and 1 with a crown. He and his staff went to great lengths to protect me (and themselves) from more intoxication during these procedures. They administered charcoal tablets and a special form of vitamin c following each procedure to assist my body in detoxification from mercury we were disturbing.

The results: Wow! My mercury level on 4/27/07 (my initial test) was 29.7 ug/g, after the removal of all my amalgams I retested on 11/16/07 and my mercury level is now 5.32 ug/g. Although I still have significant levels of lead in my system I am much improved. Symptoms that are significantly improved: insomnia (nonexistent), menstrual cycle – normal (during the end of my dental procedures this abruptly changed), that foggy feeling is much improved; headaches are rare, and constipation improved. I do not yet feel “normal” but I feel so much better. Just to clarify I did not make any other significant changes in my life during this time. I would encourage anyone suffering from mercury poisoning and experiencing symptoms (however vague) to consider the removal of their amalgams. I feel blessed to have found Dr. and Mrs. Garabedian and Judy Koehn and would highly recommend this team. Thank you!


March 7, 2007
Dear Dr. Garabedian,

For several decades, I had experienced fractured teeth, root canals, crowns, bridges, and titanium implants for lost molars. My dentist repaired and replaced teeth, but did not offer an explanation for my extensive dental problems. I have practiced excellent hygiene over the years, and I have my teeth cleaned every 6 months.

A few years ago I noticed that my teeth were wearing down, to the extent that I have now lost almost the entire posterior side of my front teeth, and about ¼ to 1/3 of the length. However, my dentist remained oblivious to the core problem. So, I found Dr. Garabedian on the internet while I was researching veneers. I made an appointment and told Dr. Garabedian that I wanted Lumineers, and that if a full-mouth restoration was warranted, then let’s do that immediately, because if we wait there is the possibility that I won’t have any teeth left to work with. Dr. Garabedian advised me that when he sees extensive dental work and missing teeth, absent a specific disease process, there is often a problem with the bite. The temporalmandibular joint, contiguous tissues such as the jaw bone, facial muscles, and the configuration of the growth of the teeth within the jaw, do not always work in concert. This may cause undue pressure and wear on the teeth because they are struggling to do their job in an imperfect environment. They force it. We may also grind because of stress. He asked me if I had headaches, neck tension, and pain in the joints of the jaw. I responded yes, but not joint pain. However, I had experienced soreness in my right ear that my physician was unable to diagnose for years.

Dr. Garabedian made a splint that I have worn for one year. I have experienced a reduction in neck tension and muscle pain, both tension headaches and migraine headaches, and the soreness in my ear is gone. Wearing the splint 24/7 has virtually eliminated grinding and has also resulted in changing the shape of my face in a positive way that people have noticed, lengthening the distance between my nose and my chin. Also, my jaw has the appearance of an increase in width, which also seems flattering. One day in January 2007, there was a cracking sound and a sharp pain in the right joint of my jaw, and the ear soreness disappeared. It has not returned.

Dr. Garabedian made impressions of my teeth the last week of February 2007, and we are now ready to “open up the bite” and install new built-up bridges, and beautiful Lumineers. I will have my smile back! Dr. Garabedian is the consummate professional. He is a highly educated orthodontist who wants to do the job right, not only for cosmetic reasons, but for the patient’s general health. It often requires extra time and a lot of patience on our part.

If you do not have orthodontic problems and your goal is simply cosmetic, I have seen examples of Dr. Garabedian’s work in person, and the results are fabulous. You too can have YOUR smile back! But if you want a quick fix without a thorough correction of an orthodontic problem, I would not recommend Dr. Garabedian. If you are willing to persevere, the rewards are worth waiting for!

August 4, 2005

Dear Dr. Garabedian,

In the summer of 2002, I was told I was facing another round of gum surgery to fix what ailed me (several pockets ranging from many 4’s and 5’s to a single 8 on my front tooth). I searched the internet for days looking for an alternative to surgery, because this time, I just wasn’t convinced that this was my only solution.

He wasn’t so easy to find, but I consider the day I stumbled onto Dr. Garabedian’s website the luckiest day of my life! As I read about his treatment methods, I couldn’t dial the phone to make my first appointment fast enough. I even shed a few tears of relief as I hung up the phone that day.

On the day of my appointment, I arrived at his office armed with my ‘dental history.’ Everyone I met in the office was a joy! I felt immediately at ease, and their description of their gum therapy was like music to my ears. As I left that day, I knew that I would have no problem revisiting; I knew I had found the right dentist office for me.

The year of therapy was easy…even though it was a lot more brushing (and irrigating) than I had ever done before. With each visit, everyone gently encouraged me with their ‘just keep trying attitude’ all along the way. The bacterial slides really helped me to see the progress I was making, too. (I don’t know why I loved seeing less and less of those little squiggly things, but to me, it was like dental revenge!)

It’s now been a couple of years since my therapy ended, and I feel my gums are healthier now than they have ever been. I think I may have finally learned what it takes to care for my teeth, too. I still look forward to every visit, and thinking back on it all now, I just smile. My only wish is that I could have found this office earlier in life.

Thank you to you all…Dr. Garabedian, Judy, Sharon and Sylvia…you all have special places in my heart!

Dear Dr. Garabedian,

Two years ago, I was having some challenges where my health was concerned.  I was having gastro-intestinal difficulties.  In addition, my hearing ability seemed to be diminishing at a noticeable rate.

After visiting with my doctor and taking some test, we discovered that my mercury levels were “off the charts”.  I was told that one of the most obvious contaminant is through dental fillings.  I am convinced that this was my source of contamination, since I was able to eliminate the possibility of contamination through my water supply and food sources.

I was determined to rid myself of the mercury poisoning in my body. I understand that whenever fillings are being put in or are removed, there is yet additional contamination potential. In my mind. the challenge was to find a qualified dentist who specialized in there kinds of procedures. Dr. Garabedian was not easy to find, but there are dentists who do specialize in these procedures.

It was immediately apparent that Dr. Garabedian utilizes specialized equipment and procedures to insure that there is minimal additional contamination while performing dental procedures.  It was soon apparent that his entire staff was also specially trained for this.

I have been most pleased with the results of Dr. Garabedian’s work.  My gastro-intestinal problem has been completely eliminated.  My hearing is slowly improving.  Most gratifying of all is that I’m nearly mercury free.

On my many visits to Dr. Garabedian’s office, I’ve always been impressed with the professional attitudes and thorough procedures offered at all times by his office.  I highly recommend Dr. Garabedian to anyone who might be interested in eliminating contaminating fillings and in so doing improve overall health.

Sincerely, Ray M.